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  • Are You Using Video Marketing with your CPA Offers?

    Posted on September 28th, 2011 Tim 60 comments

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    I’d like to share with you a technique that can bring a lot of traffic to your CPA campaigns: Video marketing!

    CPA Video Marketing Traffic Strategies

    I know, I know. You’ve heard it all before. But how many times have you personally been annoyed by some token video that promised information about a subject you desperately needed to know… only to discover that the promising-looking video was little more than a crudely made “how to” that didn’t give you enough detail to tie your shoe. It was just a blatant billboard for someone’s marketing offer.

    That’s how not to do it!

    (The worst one I ever saw was a single, still screen shot of a product page, which stayed on the screen for all of 3 minutes, with background music playing.  Needless to say, I never did click on the blatantly-advertised link!)

    How To Make People Want More

    The trick, of course, is to provide a video that really helps your visitor out, and gives her something she really needs – right now!  And then upload it to YouTube with your best targeted keywords.

    For that, you need to thoroughly know your target market – the exact person you’d like to click on your CPA ad!

    Then answer that burning question they’ve been repeating in all the forums you check (or on Facebook or Twitter!)  Take the first rule of good marketing, and fill that big, gaping hole, left by all the other marketers who sell what that visitor needs.

    But there’s one more step you have to remember (and it’s easy to get so excited, if you’re new to CPA marketing, that you forget this step!) Be sure to provide a prominent link to your website or blog at the end of the video. And be sure it stays on the screen long enough to read it and jot it down in Notepad (but not as long as that 3 minute video that left me so entertained and outraged!)

    Yes, let’s be up-front about this – you do risk the person being so excited that they rush off to complete the project you just gave them the missing piece for:  But don’t worry.  The next time they want any information on that subject, they’re going to think about you – and find your video again. Even if the particular campaign you were hoping to drive traffic to has ended, you’ll have another relevant one on your site for them to click on, when they visit.

    Videos Have Great Viral Marketing Potential

    The other factor that makes this strategy more than a shot in the proverbial darkness lies in the fact that your video has real potential of going viral, if it’s an especially good one. That way, even if you only get a small percentage of click-throughs and action completion on your CPA ads, that “small percentage” has the potential to bring you powerful results!

    So don’t underestimate the power of video marketing, when it comes to driving your CPA promotions.

    You may reap the rewards in traffic, subscribers, a real increase in your web “presence” and authority – and in your CPA profits!

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