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  • Mark Lings AffiloBlueprint 3 Honest And Detailed Review

    Posted on May 31st, 2012 Tim 1 comment

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    Mark Ling’s Affiloblueprint Version 3 Detailed Review: An Honest Affiliate Marketing System

    CLICK HERE to see the Official AffilioBlueprint Site!

    Mark Lings AffiloBlueprint 3 Detailed Review

    If you’re anything like me then you are probably sick to death of the huge number of affiliate marketing courses for sale online. Most of them promise the world, but actually deliver very little quality content. Finding the right affiliate marketing training is not an easy process at all! However, Affiloblueprint (created by super affiliate Mark Ling) definitely does not disappoint.

    This popular guide to affiliate marketing has recently been released in its third version – Affiloblueprint 3.0. The original Affiloblueprint featured Mark running a live workshop where he built and optimized a site for Clickbank and affiliate product sales, all in front of an audience. This site went on to earn over $500 per week in profit for Mark. Affiloblueprint 2.0, released in 2009, used the same methodology but expanded even further on Mark’s system and made things much more clear.

    Affiloblueprint 3.0, brand new for 2012, builds on the core principle of Affiloblueprint, which is building simple websites that earn a healthy income every week through affiliate marketing. The time-tested system is very simple; pick a niche and affiliate products, research keywords that will encourage high conversions, add content to your website, then optimize it for more sales and better traffic.

    Check out AffiloBlueprint V3 for yourself  right here!

    So what exactly is covered in Affiloblueprint? It’s a 12-step course, with over 80 different video lessons and accompanying lesson notes. The course starts with picking niches and products (including how to pick physical affiliate products and CPA offers to promote, which wasn’t covered in the previous course)

    From there you learn how to create content for your website. Mark has also covered some tips for getting content outsourced, if you’d rather spend a bit of money and instead save time. Setting up your website using the bundled WordPress “Affilotheme” forms another important part of the Affiloblueprint course – here you will learn how to add your content, make your website look stunning, and how to tweak it.

    One part of the Affilioblueprint system that Mark has expanded massively is the search engine optimization (SEO) section. There are three complete course steps on this important topic, including how to optimize your website for on page SEO, basic link building methods, and more advanced link-building strategies. I thoroughly enjoyed this part of the Affiloblueprint course, and when you combine it with the bonus link building action plans then you have everything you need to help boost your site up the search engine rankings.

    As I mentioned above, the powerful Affilotheme is included freely with Affiloblueprint. This quality WordPress theme adds many useful features, including opt in form tools, affiliate link redirects, and plugin packs. On top of all this, you get free Affilotheme hosting for up to five websites, so really all you need is Affiloblueprint and a domain name and you are away!

    Although there is so much information in Affiloblueprint that you might be overwhelmed at first, providing you follow the course step-by-step (which is really simple thanks to the structured format and homework sections) then you can’t go wrong.

    I highly recommend the new and improved version of Affiloblueprint, and recommend you visit the Affiloblueprint website here to learn more about it. Mark Ling has created a truly fantastic product here, and I’m sure you’ll be happy with the results it brings you.

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  • How To Make Lazy Autopilot Profits In Just A Day

    Posted on October 19th, 2011 Tim 57 comments

    Top WSO"Earn Money FAST Using James Renoufs Buyer Arbitrage 1.0 Warrior Special Offer!

    When I got started as an internet marketer it took me about 3 weeks before I made my first sale for a commission of $16.78 That is how much that first sale meant to me, years later I can still remember the amount of how much I made. The funny thing is that it actually took me another month or so before I made another sale.

    However if you are either finding this website because you are wanting to find a way to make money online or you are already an internet marketer and have had very little success in being able to make money online then you definitely need to check out Simple Spencers and Don Wilson’s Lazy Autopilot Profits Warrior Special Offer because you can literally make money online STARTING TODAY!

    I am as serious as can be as long as you TAKE ACTION and follow the VERY EASY instructions I am confident that you can and will be able to START MAKING MONEY ONLINE WITHIN THE NEXT 24 to 72 HOURS!

    The method they show you of making money online is about as simple as it gets all it takes is you putting in just a little bit of work initially and you can make money with it, better yet the Lazy Autopilot Profits Warrior Special Offer actually will show you how to set this up so that it runs on COMPLETE AUTOPILOT hence the name of the product!

    Here is what an ACTUAL CUSTOMER said about Don Wilson and Simple Spencers Lazy Autopilot Profits WSO:

    QUOTE : Tyler from the Warrior Forum

    Wow man … that was too easy. dude im hooked. this has so much potential. hah, up to $117. I started the ads again for the west coasters … I may break 150 by midnight! lol

    It’s been a week since I started using this method and I’ve already got over $500 and counting in my never blue account.

    From day one I was having $130 plus days and have pulled the reigns a bit while I work to scale it up even more, even when not directly promoting offers, this method is still giving me $50 to $75 dollar days.

    You never think it’s possible until you see it work on your own campaigns, and Spencer and Donald have opened my eyes to this outstanding method, thanks again guys!

    Alright so if you are wanting to start making money and fast then this is by far one of the BEST ways I have seen on how to start doing that. The Lazy Autopilot Profits system really does work and you will see that it does within the first 24 to 72 hours of buying this product.

    If your still not convinced check out this short review by Dr. Ben Adkins:


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  • Income Hybrid Software Review

    Posted on July 26th, 2011 Tim 763 comments

    Top WSODan Lew's Kindle Renegade Warrior Special Offer Is A True GAME CHANGER!

    This is a review of the Income Hybrid 3 in 1 software the Official Income Hybrid website is:

    Income Hybrid Review

    You are about to discover a brand new and revolutionary traffic and profit generating platform that is 10 times bigger than blogging, article marketing, video marketing or any other traffic platform you have seen before.

    The traffic giant I am about to reveal generates stable instant traffic that will replace Google completely!

    It is much bigger, less competitive and holds more profit potential than any other traffic platform you may have used before.

    Now, let me ask you a question?

    Would you like to tap into the wallets of 375 million active buyers without spending a single penny on advertising?

    If your answer is a yes, I know you are excited like just like the beta testers and the selected few who we have revealed this secret to?

    The Income Hybrid 3in1 software suite taps into the biggest and fastest growing viral platform that is untapped and unsaturated!

    The statistics show that this revolutionary new traffic platform that Income Hybrid capitalizes on is used by 375 Million users on a daily basis worldwide.

    This accounts for more than the entire population of the United States making it the biggest and most widely used traffic source online!

    In fact, the latest online consumer statistics report revealed that this brand new traffic and profit generating platform is used by more than 250 Million mobile phone users each day?

    Now with the Income Hybrid software, you can legally tap into the wallets of millions of mobile phone and internet users with push button simplicity.

    The most astonishing part of it all is that? only 7% of the users using this gigantic viral platform are aware of its money generating potential!

    We have cracked the code and discovered the secret to generate passive sustainable profits through this untapped traffic treasure-trove.

    I am talking about a true internet marketing  game changer?

    Introducing the Income Hybrid 3in1 software suite

    Income Hybrid utilizes a breakthrough new fusion technology that is brand new and untapped by any other software or tools available in the market today.

    Due to its state of the art money generating potential and latest advancements in technology, we discovered a platform that is immune to Google slaps, Google panda updates and any other changes that occur online.

    That best part is?

    To profit from this technology, you do not require a blog, website, or even a domain. In fact, it has nothing to do with blogging, article marketing, video marketing, or keyword research?

    It is something brand new that you have never seen before!

    This new technology is proven to work in any niche market and in any language to rake in massive affiliate profits.

    Click The Link Below To See All The Details?

    Income Hybrid Software

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  • Make Money Online With Your Hobbies Or Interest

    Posted on July 7th, 2011 Tim 96 comments

    Top WSONEW .X. Fast Path To Cash Product Creation System! This Is Unlike ANY Warrior Special Offer You Have Seen Before!

    Make Money Online

    If you want to make money online you need to start with a product or theme that appeals to you. It could be a hobby, or something you enjoy reading about, or maybe watching on television. Now why would I say that? Here’s why!

    Everyday thousands of people set down in front of their computer and type into a search engine the words “make money online”, “how to make money online”, or “make money working online.” They are brought to millions of results that in a short matter of time will confuse anyone regardless of their previous internet ability. Who do you trust? What is the best product? How do you make money?

    A better way to do this is to type in the words affiliate program for xxxx and replace the xxxx’s with something that interests you.

    Let’s say that you like to go bowling. Here is a way to start making money around that hobby. Do a google search or whatever search engine you use and type in the words “bowling affiliate program” without the quotation marks. As I do that over 14.5  million results are brought up. Notice the words affiliates somewhere in the title, description, or url of the websites. All you have to do to get started is go to each one of these and join everyone that appeals to you. You can do this for free. They will provide you with your own website and give you tips on how to make sales using it. This is called your affiliate website and you will can start making money doing affiliate marketing.  Yeah, it really is that easy!

    Making money online is as easy as referring people to your affiliate website. You can do that everyday with people you talk to. Or you can start to learn how to use the internet to advertise your website and refer traffic to it by doing article marketing, social networks such as Facebook and Twitter. Making money with an affiliate website is no different than making money with your own store. You need to have traffic come to it to make a sale. But once you get the traffic in your affiliate website or blog will take  over and make the sales for you, collect the money and even ship out the products. And you make a commission which results in a payment to you usually by either Check or going instantly into your Paypal account. Now is that a great way to make money online or what?

    So get started and find some good affiliate programs to join around a niche or topic that interests you and you can be making money online in no time at all.  One of the BEST places to find products that you can be an affiliate marketer for is Clickbank!

    Now there is a good chance that you are thinking,well that’s nice but I don’t even know how to build a website to start marketing the products I am an affiliate of”!

    Then I have the PERFECT recommendation for you!

    It is created by the same internet marketer who taught me most of what I know about affiliate marketing, his name is Ewen Chia and the product is called Internet Business For Beginners – How To Really Make Money Online.  Trust me when I say this it is both affordable and packed with pretty much everything you will need to know about making money online!  Now here is another SECRET to making money online and that is TAKE ACTION!  Think about it you can know just about everything there is to know about how to make money online in theory but if you don’t put that knowledge into action then you are going to make NOTHING!

    Trust me when I say this affiliate marketing is one of the easiest ways to start making a living working from your home it just takes a bit of work which if you start on a subject that interest you it really won’t seem like you are working to begin with,  as well as a willingness to learn and a bit of patience because the truth is you are going to make a mistake or two along the way and you are going to be able to easily bring in a part time to full time income right from your home!



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  • Imran Naseem’s Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Review

    Posted on May 24th, 2011 Tim 54 comments

    Top WSODon't Miss Out On Kelly Felix and Mike Longs Bring The Fresh 2012 Warrior Special Offer LIMITED TIME ONLY!

    There is no doubt that Facebook is HUGE! Here are some facts that will show exactly how big Facebook has gotten just in case you have any doubt of how much potential there is too make money on Facebook.

    Facebook Facts:

    • 1 in every 13 people on Earth is on Facebook
    • 35+ demographic represents more than 30% of the entire user base
    • 71.2 % of all USA internet users are on Facebook
    • In 20 minutes 1,000,000 links are shared on Facebook
    • 48% of 18 to 34 year olds check Facebook right when they wake up
    • 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day

    Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Review

    Now the problem is creating a Facebook Profile and even a Facebook Fanpage is fairly simple.  Because of this most internet marketers are going to try and create a Facebook Fanpage, however most of them are going to make very little money if any at all.  This is because most internet marketers do not know EXACTLY how to set up a profitable Facebook Fanpage.

    Well internet marketer Imran Naseem is going to be releasing Fanpage Dollars 3.0 and if you have failed to make money with Facebook then you may want to try Facebook Fanpage 3.0 out, because Imran doesn’t just understand how to make money on Facebook in theory he has been doing it now for several years.

    Now let’s get into what you will get when you purchase Fanpage Dollars 3.0

    Fanpage Dollars Guide – Now it says in the Members are that the guide has 100+ pages. However the copy I have only has 62 pages so it could be that Imran Naseem has decided to cut out some of the fluff in the ebook or they may be adding even more content as I am looking at it before launch.  The Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Guide as well as video’s give Real Life Examples and Case Studies of profitable Facebook Fanpages!

    The Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Guide consist of 5 Modules, they are:

    Module 1 – Creating your Facebook page
    Module 2 – Monetising your Facebook page
    Module 3 – Driving Traffic to your Facebook Page
    Module 4 – Making money from your Fanpage
    Module 5 – Outsourcing your Fanpages on Autopilot

    All of the Modules are step-by-step and very detailed.

    A zipped file of Iframe Templates: Pretty self explanatory

    20 Video’s:

    I have no doubt in my mind that anyone who watches these video’s and applies what they learn will be able to FINALLY BE ABLE TO MAKE MONEY WITH FACEBOOK!

    Here is a list of each of the Video’s:

    Video 1 – Getting Started
    Video 2 – Niche Research
    Video 3 – Fanpage Creation
    Video 4 – The New Facebook Fanpage Layout
    Video 5 – Power of Fanpage Images
    Video 6 – Fanpage Settings
    Video 7 – Fanpage SEO Secrets 3.0
    Video 8 – Fanpage Insight Secrets 3.0
    Video 9 – How to create a high converting landing page in 5 minutes!
    Video 10 – Creating a high converting opt in page
    Video 11 – Monetising Your Facebook Fanpage with content
    Video 12 – Driving Targeted traffic to your Facebook page
    Video 13 – How to drive cheap targeted traffic to your Facebook pages for Pennies!
    Video 14 – Result Of My Campaigns
    Video 15 – How to use the power of trend marketing and create Fanpages that generate 500 likes in 24 hours!
    Video 16 – How to get more interaction from your Fanpages
    Video 17 – How to make $50 a day on Complete Autopilot using FB Pages!
    Video 18 – How to set up an entire store on your Facebook Page
    Video 19 – How to sell PLR stuff on your Facebook Page
    Video 20 – How to set up triple streams of income on your Facebook Fanpage

    In addition to all of this content Imran Naseem is also including some pretty cool BONUSES and unlike a lot of the internet marketers out there who seem to be under the impression that including an OFFER to you for you too BUY through their AFFILIATE LINK of another recently launched IM product, Imran is actually giving you some TRUE BONUSES!

    Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Bonuses:

    Affiliate Espionage: Find Out Whats Selling

    Advance Copy And Click Fan Pages Including Easy Hidden Pages!

    Using Facebook To Run An Affiliate Program And Making It Go Viral!

    Advanced 1 Click List Building

    Now I have to be honest I have not personally been able to look over these BONUSES as I was able to get an early look at Fanpage Dollars 3.0 before its launch.  However Imran has assured me that these BONUS Reports will be up to his HIGH STANDARDS and will also include Video as well.

    Personally as I mentioned earlier while creating a Facebook Fanpage is fairly easy being able to create a profitable Facebook Fanpage is not UNLESS you have PROVEN step by step system that shows you exactly how to do it.  In my opinion Fanpage Dollars 3.0 will show you this.

    Facebook is just to BIG too ignore these days so if you are not already trying to promote Affiliate or CPA offers on Facebook then you definitely are missing out on making EASY MONEY! However if you think it is just as easy as setting up a Fanpage and then getting tons of fans of whatever niche your in purchasing from you or signing up for your CPA offers you are mistaken.  Now I will admit that I was able to set up a Fanpage in the past not really even knowing what I was doing and I did make quite a bit of money with it however trust me that is the exception and not the rule.

    With several of the so called “Guru’s” launching all kinds of WORTHLESS products such as Jani G’s Get FB Ads Free (please note that is a misnomer) and softwares that answer Yahoo Answers question it is nice to see a reputable internet marketer like Imran Naseem releasing a product like this that OVERDELIVERS!

    I would also like to add in that Imran Naseem is a CLASS ACT here is how much he cares about his customers, when an IM friend of his

    Imran Naseem

    Jani G released what is considered by many to be ONE OF THE WORST IM PRODUCTS EVER called “Get FB Ads Free” Imran refused to promote it and even went so far as to tell his customers not only was he not going to promote this WORTHLESS product but that if they got emails from other so called “Guru’s” who apparently care more about making a COMMISSION off of promoting a horrible IM product than they do about their customers wasting their hard earned money on it, NOT TO BUY “Get FB Ads Free”

    Because of the fact that Imran cared more about his customers than getting a COMMISSION for promoting his friends product he was shunned by Jani G and his friend Stevie J!  Needless to say Jani G and several other friends of his will not be promoting Fanpage Dollars 3.0 which is going to cost Imran even more money.

    On top of actually CARING ABOUT HIS CUSTOMERS, Imran Naseem is also going to be donating a portion of his profits to CHARITY!  So not only will you learn how to actually MAKE MONEY WITH FACEBOOK, you will also be able to THUMB your nose at the so called “Guru’s ” by helping Imran succeed despite them refusing to promote his product, and give to a charity as well!

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