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  • Dan Brock and Hitesh Juneja’s Honest Commission Ignition Review

    Posted on August 12th, 2011 Tim 51 comments

    Top WSONEW .X. Fast Path To Cash Product Creation System! This Is Unlike ANY Warrior Special Offer You Have Seen Before!

    This is a review of Commission Ignition if you are looking for the Official Site go here:

    Dan Brock and Hitesh Juneja Commission Ignition Review

    Dan Brock and Hitesh Juneja Commission Ignition Honest Review

    Alright Hitesh Juneja may be an internet marketer that you are familiar with but if you are not let me tell you this guy is the REAL DEAL when it comes to internet marketing and I have learned a lot from this guy.  Now Dan Brock is someone who has been more visible this past year to the internet marketing world and while he may be young I have enjoyed talking to him and learn from him as well so I can tell your right from the start these TWO internet marketers know what they are doing when it comes to making money online!

    Now from my understanding Commission Ignition is more Hitesh’s product and Dan Brock is more of a consultant on it.  Okay so I was given a review copy of Hitesh and Dan Brocks Commission Ignition so things are always subject for a bit of change since most internet marketers are still trying to improve on the product.

    But here is what you get when you purchase Hitesh Juneja and Dan Brocks Commission Ignition:

    It is divided into 4 Steps:

    Step 1 Drivers Training:

    You will get some decent Internet Marketing training, now as Dan says in the Intro Video most people are going to want to skip the training but it is wise to go through it and make sure you get a thorough understanding of  the BASICS of internet marketing.  They do include an Advanced section and I really like this Concept they give you a Question and Answers section in regards to several internet marketing concepts if you can’t answer the questions you will know for certain that you need to go through the training!  If you can answer the questions then you most likely can feel confident in skipping the training.

    As I said before I really like the whole idea of having the questions since it will eliminate one of the things more experienced internet marketers have to go through quite a bit and that is trying to filter out the BASIC’s of internet marketing from the content they can actually use.

    Step 2 Build Your Engine:

    This is a web based software that will allow you to select a PROVEN money making niche and sub niches you can then find products as well as keywords to use and promote for that niche and subnice!  You will then have the option for it to create a zipped file for a Niche site or Autoblog site as well as for TWO ways to have it installed which is very nice since technical problems are a nature of the internet marketing beast and one of the main problems is a lot of internet marketers only give one way for the plugin or software to be installed or it will usually only work with certain host.  This should eliminate most of those problems!

    Step 3 Start Your Engine:

    This comes with the Fuel and the Spark, the Fuel is a Viral Traffic Generator and the Spark is a Social Bookmarking Wizard!

    Step 4 Turbo Chare Your Engine:

    This does appear that it could possibly be an upsell but I am not sure and I may have to come back and update this post too let you know for sure this is a Backlink Ignition plugin and is actually the same as one of the features of Click Conspiracy (however on the Click Conspiracy product I was only able to watch the Video instructions etc. and not access the plugin as I was able to do with this product)

    These TWO plugins seem to be VERY Cool and come with both video as well as a PDF User Guide Instructions.

    Pro’s –

    • Will make it very easy to select products, keywords, as well as to install a very nice niche website that will convert well.
    • Allows you to be able to install your site in multiple ways which if anyone has tried and failed when installing a site with softwares similar to this can tell you it is very frustrating.  So this will minimize that kind of frustration.
    • Provides multiple ways to start making your site go viral as well as how to drive traffic to it with SEO.
    • Plenty of training on Internet Marketing basics for beginners
    • Gives a way to measure if you need training or not
    • Will save you hours of time trying to find keywords and products for your site not to mention installing it etc.

    Con’s –

    You will need to go back and slightly edit the content within your created site to make it more of your own and unique.


    Commission Ignition is a very good product for internet marketers and while it is definitely something that I would recommend to Beginner and Intermediate internet marketers most advanced internet marketers will most likely have very little need for it other than saving a little bit of time.  However as I said befere if you are new or are an intermediate internet marketer this will help you both save time and easily make a lot more money online.

    They give you more than enough training, viral plugins, as well as traffic driving softwares to help you get ranked more easily within the search engines.  They also give you a TON of Niches and Sub Niches to choose from and they have all been PROVEN money making niches so you should not have a hard time finding something for you to make money off of with the Hitesh Juneja and Dan Brocks Commission Ignition offer!

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  • Income Hybrid Software Review

    Posted on July 26th, 2011 Tim 763 comments

    Top WSODan Lew's Kindle Renegade Warrior Special Offer Is A True GAME CHANGER!

    This is a review of the Income Hybrid 3 in 1 software the Official Income Hybrid website is:

    Income Hybrid Review

    You are about to discover a brand new and revolutionary traffic and profit generating platform that is 10 times bigger than blogging, article marketing, video marketing or any other traffic platform you have seen before.

    The traffic giant I am about to reveal generates stable instant traffic that will replace Google completely!

    It is much bigger, less competitive and holds more profit potential than any other traffic platform you may have used before.

    Now, let me ask you a question?

    Would you like to tap into the wallets of 375 million active buyers without spending a single penny on advertising?

    If your answer is a yes, I know you are excited like just like the beta testers and the selected few who we have revealed this secret to?

    The Income Hybrid 3in1 software suite taps into the biggest and fastest growing viral platform that is untapped and unsaturated!

    The statistics show that this revolutionary new traffic platform that Income Hybrid capitalizes on is used by 375 Million users on a daily basis worldwide.

    This accounts for more than the entire population of the United States making it the biggest and most widely used traffic source online!

    In fact, the latest online consumer statistics report revealed that this brand new traffic and profit generating platform is used by more than 250 Million mobile phone users each day?

    Now with the Income Hybrid software, you can legally tap into the wallets of millions of mobile phone and internet users with push button simplicity.

    The most astonishing part of it all is that? only 7% of the users using this gigantic viral platform are aware of its money generating potential!

    We have cracked the code and discovered the secret to generate passive sustainable profits through this untapped traffic treasure-trove.

    I am talking about a true internet marketing  game changer?

    Introducing the Income Hybrid 3in1 software suite

    Income Hybrid utilizes a breakthrough new fusion technology that is brand new and untapped by any other software or tools available in the market today.

    Due to its state of the art money generating potential and latest advancements in technology, we discovered a platform that is immune to Google slaps, Google panda updates and any other changes that occur online.

    That best part is?

    To profit from this technology, you do not require a blog, website, or even a domain. In fact, it has nothing to do with blogging, article marketing, video marketing, or keyword research?

    It is something brand new that you have never seen before!

    This new technology is proven to work in any niche market and in any language to rake in massive affiliate profits.

    Click The Link Below To See All The Details?

    Income Hybrid Software

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  • Chronic Commissions Review

    Posted on July 17th, 2011 Tim 134 comments

    Top WSO"Earn Money FAST Using James Renoufs Buyer Arbitrage 1.0 Warrior Special Offer!

    This is a review ofCorey Lewis and Winter Valko’s Chronic Commissions product if you are looking for his official site CLICK HERE!

    Corey Lewis and Winter Valko’s Chronic Commissions Review

    Chronic Commissions Review

    When I first heard about the stoner internet marketer (hence the word Chronic) for Chronic Commissions I have too admit I was a bit skeptical about the whole product.  But regardless I knew I had too do the review for this product and I have to admit that I was VERY PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!

    This product could actually be helpful regardless of whether you are a total newbie to internet marketing or more experienced.  However if you are fairly new then you will most likely LOVE Chronic Commissions as the product is very easy to setup and get going.

    Each section of this product has a video for it so there is no mistaking exactly what you need to do.  Now what is really nice about Chronic Commissions especially for someone new to internet marketing is that you do not need a website or hosting etc. since this software is web based.

    All you have to do is enter in some inforation such as:

    • Your Clickbank ID, this is obviously for you affiliate links and commissions.
    • Your Paypal ID, for those that would like to get paid per lead.
    • and Your Aweber Optin Code, now if you do not have an account with Aweber then the creators will pay you to your Paypal per lead which is nice but I would go with setting up and Aweber account and collecting the leads rather as having a mailing list will pay you much more than you are going to get per lead in the long run.

    Once you have completed filling in that information you will then set up your campaigns.  You will have 5 high converting internet marketing offers supplied that you can essentially put in your tracking id and then choose whether or not you want it to go too the sales letter or the squeeze page, I would recommend that you go with the squeeze page myself.

    The squeeze pages that they provide are very good and will certainly help you too start building a list and I can’t stress this enough the MONEY IS IN THE LIST!  Another nice feature of the squeeze page is that even if your site visitor clicks to leave an exit splash will come up and take them too the sale page which is yet another reason why I would go with the SQUEEZE PAGE option where you will still get credit if your site visitor makes a purchase!

    TRAFFIC–  Now aside from some traditional and FREE WAYS of getting traffic to your sales page and I would highly recommend that you continue to do those as well such as Article marketing, Forums, etc. Chronic Commissions also provides a Solo Ad Directory of about 20 people that displays the tested results, the list size, as well as the cost per click.  This TRAFFIC SOURCE is very much worth the price of the product itself!  Think about it, this may cost you a small amount of money too use but it is traffic and not only potential sales but potential people too put on your mailing list that you can continue to sale too for a very long time!

    With all of this you are also going to be able to track your campaigns, show the raw clicks, as well as the unique clicks, etc.


    Now everyone knows I love BONUSES!   Here are the BONUSES for Chronic Commissions:

    • You get 5 HIGH CONVERTING squeeze pages that give away a ebook/report (these are PLR)
    • Personalized Coaching BONUS, which I honestly can’t say how good this will be as it is being offered about 10 days from launch which is probably so they can figure out what people are most likely having problems with or what they are wanting to learn more about which I would imagine is going to be TRAFFIC!

    The upsells are as follows:

    Upsell #1: 36 Pack Campaign Pack – You are already given 10 to begin with so if you are wanting even more this is a very good upsell!

    Upsell #2: 8 Week Coaching with the creators of the Chronic Commissions – I have said this before many times I honestly do not recommend that you get any COACHING UPSELLS that is just my opinion but I would stay way from those if I were you!

    Pro’s –  

    • Chronic Commissions is very NEWBIE FRIENDLY!  You do not need a domain or hosting to use this product so you can easily afford to try a $1 trial month with Aweber to get a mailing list up and running and income coming in.  EASY to set up and get going literally aside from watching the video’s you can get this thing going within minutes!
    • Provides many different ways to make money so if you rather not collect leads then you can get money for the leads you provide and you can also make affiliate sales.
    • Even experienced internet marketers will like this as it pretty much takes all of the work out of setting up a squeeze page etc.
    • Chronic Commissions provides sources of getting traffic to your squeeze page or affiliate sales page!


    You have too pay for the traffic that it provides (however keep in mind you can still send FREE traffic to your offer and I recommend that you do even if you do purchase from their sources of traffic)


    I have to admit that I was very PLEASANTLY SURPRISED with Chronic Commissions as it really is one of the best internet marketing products that I have seen come out in quite a while.  I would highly recommend a product like this too a friend who is getting into internet marketing and doesn’t know where too start as it will help him both easily set a squeeze page up to start building a list, get traffic too the squeeze page, and provide affiliate commissions all in one!  I am actually VERY HAPPY that something like this has been released since there have been a TON of crappy products released lately!  So I highly recommend Chronic Commissions for anyone who is not yet making a money online or is wanting too build a mailing list or even both!

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  • Jeff Dedrick and Liz Tomey’s Online Success Blueprint Live Workshop Review

    Posted on July 16th, 2011 Tim 43 comments

    Top WSODan Lew's Kindle Renegade Warrior Special Offer Is A True GAME CHANGER!

    I just picked up the Online Success Blueprint Live Workshop from Jeff Dedrick & Liz Tomey, and wanted to write a quick review so that everyone knows the truth about this package and exactly what’s in it.

    The Online Success Blueprint Live Workshop is a live event Jeff & Liz did where several people paid up to $997 to attend. For three days these people got to learn from Jeff & Liz, hang out with them, and REALLY see what these two do to make the kind of incomes they make.

    This even was recorded, and that’s what you’re buying access to… The actual recordings of this workshop. So you’re getting to learn everything at a fraction of the price. Not to mention you don’t have to pay the travel expenses to attend either.

    So that’s one perk to this package…

    Now there is A LOT of information in this package, and it will take you some time to go through. There are 20 different modules, so is what I suggest you do is get a pen and a notebook and take notes. Spend a few hours each day going through it until you’ve gone through the whole thing.

    You are going to want to go through the whole thing because each module builds on the next.

    That’s probably why I liked this product so much. All the information is broken up into easy to digest modules, and you walk away from each module with information you can use right away!

    You’ll learn everything from how to setup your business correctly to creating and launching products, and everything in between. Not only that, but you’ll learn the systems that each of these two use in their own businesses.

    This kind of information has never been revealed from “gurus” before. Most of them like to feed you full of theory, but Jeff & Liz have the proof that what they teach actually works. That’s why this product gets my highest recommendation!

    The only thing I can say that might even be remotely negative is that there is A LOT of information, but you would spend a small fortune on several smaller products to get all this information, so it’s worth it at this price, and to have it all in one spot.

    Usually in my reviews, I don’t mention bonuses, but I just had to mention one…

    When you buy this package (Well at the time I bought it this bonus was available. It may be gone, so check…) you also get the resell rights to it! That one bonus alone makes this a no-brainer of a deal.

    I give the Online Success Blueprint Live Workshop a five star rating!

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  • Ewen Chia’s Instant Paycheck Review

    Posted on June 14th, 2011 Tim 170 comments

    Top WSOLEGALLY Still Traffic From CNN With Rob Jones Trust Jacker Warrior Special Offer Plugin! Literally All You Have To Do Is COPY and PASTE!

    This is a review of Ewen Chia’s Instant Paycheck Formula if you are looking for the official site CLICK HERE

    Ewen Chia’s Instant Paycheck Review


    Instant Paycheck Review

    When I first got into internet marketing I came across a TON of scam products etc. however there were to two internet marketers
    that showed me exactly how to make money online and they were Kelly Felix with his Rich Jerk product and Ewen Chia.  So needless
    to say I have been an Ewen Chia fan for a very long time and I am almost never disappointed when he releases a NEW product because
    Ewen Chia usually OVER DELIVERS!

    Well with his newest product Instant Paycheck he once again overdelivered by not only showing you how to get money straight to
    your Paypal Account and how to do it FAST just like he promises in his sales copy. He also gives you an amazing BONUS as well
    which I will tell you more about later.

    Here is what you get when you purchase Ewen Chia’s Instant Paycheck system.

    Instant Paycheck ebook –  This ebook is 80 pages and covers a wide variety of topics such as how to set up your instant paycheck
    system which includes exactly where to find TONS of products in various niches that you can recieve INSTANT COMMISSIONS off of
    (there will be a lot of internet marketers that do not even know about this place, how to choose profitable products, keyword
    research tips, 9 different traffic generation strategies in detail, and a lot more.

    1 Video – This video shows you a 1 day cash formula strategy that any internet marketer can use to make money with within 24 hours or less regardless of whether they are a complete newbie or an experienced marketer.  THIS WORKS!

    Unadvertised Free Bonus (a $47 Value) – Something that Ewen Chia usually does with his products is include an Unadvertised Bonus and he once again didn’t disappoint me.  This BONUS includes:

    Fanpage Income Secrets Report – This report shows some very cool Fanpages and how to replicate their success it is definitely something internet marketers who are wanting to learn how to use Facebook more effectively will love.

    Ewen Chia’s Fanpage Income Secrets: The Complete Blueprint On How To Generate Huge Income With Fanpages…Includes Secret Script ebook – This ebook is 86 pages and pretty much is a product in and of itself.  It literally covers just about everything you will need to know about setting up a successful and profitable Facebook fanpage.  It also includes a SECRET script you can use as well.

    Pro’s –

    • Instant Paycheck is very affordable
    • This product shows you exactly how to start putting money in your Paypal account and how to do it fast.
    • Very detailed traffic generation strategies
    • The Unadvertised Bonus is worth the price of the product alone and will show you yet another way to create targeted buyers for your affiliate products.

    Con’s –

    The only Con that I can think of for this product is that like pretty much any internet marketing product if has to cover some basic internet marketing information for newbies which can sometimes be a bit frustrating for more experienced internet marketers. That is pretty much the only drawback on this product and unless you purchase a product that is targeted for experienced internet  marketers only then you can pretty much expect see some IM beginner information to be included.


    Ewen Chia’s Instant Paycheck system will show you a step by step method of how to start earning income online VERY quickly.  What  is cool about this is that not only will you be able to make sales very fast by using this system but you will actually get the money you have earned as affiliate right away even if you are a complete beginner.

    There is really no reason why someone who purchases Instant Paycheck could not start earning money within the first 24 to 72 hours and actually have that money going straight to their Paypal account after buying this product and TAKING ACTION with what they learn from it.  If you were to continue to TAKE ACTION I have no doubt that you could easily earn anywhere from $50 to $100 a day with very little work.

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  • Imran Naseem’s Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Review

    Posted on May 24th, 2011 Tim 54 comments

    Top WSOThis Is The EASIEST Way To Start Earning Money Online Is REVEALED Within The CPA Cash Vault!

    There is no doubt that Facebook is HUGE! Here are some facts that will show exactly how big Facebook has gotten just in case you have any doubt of how much potential there is too make money on Facebook.

    Facebook Facts:

    • 1 in every 13 people on Earth is on Facebook
    • 35+ demographic represents more than 30% of the entire user base
    • 71.2 % of all USA internet users are on Facebook
    • In 20 minutes 1,000,000 links are shared on Facebook
    • 48% of 18 to 34 year olds check Facebook right when they wake up
    • 50% of active users log on to Facebook in any given day

    Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Review

    Now the problem is creating a Facebook Profile and even a Facebook Fanpage is fairly simple.  Because of this most internet marketers are going to try and create a Facebook Fanpage, however most of them are going to make very little money if any at all.  This is because most internet marketers do not know EXACTLY how to set up a profitable Facebook Fanpage.

    Well internet marketer Imran Naseem is going to be releasing Fanpage Dollars 3.0 and if you have failed to make money with Facebook then you may want to try Facebook Fanpage 3.0 out, because Imran doesn’t just understand how to make money on Facebook in theory he has been doing it now for several years.

    Now let’s get into what you will get when you purchase Fanpage Dollars 3.0

    Fanpage Dollars Guide – Now it says in the Members are that the guide has 100+ pages. However the copy I have only has 62 pages so it could be that Imran Naseem has decided to cut out some of the fluff in the ebook or they may be adding even more content as I am looking at it before launch.  The Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Guide as well as video’s give Real Life Examples and Case Studies of profitable Facebook Fanpages!

    The Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Guide consist of 5 Modules, they are:

    Module 1 – Creating your Facebook page
    Module 2 – Monetising your Facebook page
    Module 3 – Driving Traffic to your Facebook Page
    Module 4 – Making money from your Fanpage
    Module 5 – Outsourcing your Fanpages on Autopilot

    All of the Modules are step-by-step and very detailed.

    A zipped file of Iframe Templates: Pretty self explanatory

    20 Video’s:

    I have no doubt in my mind that anyone who watches these video’s and applies what they learn will be able to FINALLY BE ABLE TO MAKE MONEY WITH FACEBOOK!

    Here is a list of each of the Video’s:

    Video 1 – Getting Started
    Video 2 – Niche Research
    Video 3 – Fanpage Creation
    Video 4 – The New Facebook Fanpage Layout
    Video 5 – Power of Fanpage Images
    Video 6 – Fanpage Settings
    Video 7 – Fanpage SEO Secrets 3.0
    Video 8 – Fanpage Insight Secrets 3.0
    Video 9 – How to create a high converting landing page in 5 minutes!
    Video 10 – Creating a high converting opt in page
    Video 11 – Monetising Your Facebook Fanpage with content
    Video 12 – Driving Targeted traffic to your Facebook page
    Video 13 – How to drive cheap targeted traffic to your Facebook pages for Pennies!
    Video 14 – Result Of My Campaigns
    Video 15 – How to use the power of trend marketing and create Fanpages that generate 500 likes in 24 hours!
    Video 16 – How to get more interaction from your Fanpages
    Video 17 – How to make $50 a day on Complete Autopilot using FB Pages!
    Video 18 – How to set up an entire store on your Facebook Page
    Video 19 – How to sell PLR stuff on your Facebook Page
    Video 20 – How to set up triple streams of income on your Facebook Fanpage

    In addition to all of this content Imran Naseem is also including some pretty cool BONUSES and unlike a lot of the internet marketers out there who seem to be under the impression that including an OFFER to you for you too BUY through their AFFILIATE LINK of another recently launched IM product, Imran is actually giving you some TRUE BONUSES!

    Fanpage Dollars 3.0 Bonuses:

    Affiliate Espionage: Find Out Whats Selling

    Advance Copy And Click Fan Pages Including Easy Hidden Pages!

    Using Facebook To Run An Affiliate Program And Making It Go Viral!

    Advanced 1 Click List Building

    Now I have to be honest I have not personally been able to look over these BONUSES as I was able to get an early look at Fanpage Dollars 3.0 before its launch.  However Imran has assured me that these BONUS Reports will be up to his HIGH STANDARDS and will also include Video as well.

    Personally as I mentioned earlier while creating a Facebook Fanpage is fairly easy being able to create a profitable Facebook Fanpage is not UNLESS you have PROVEN step by step system that shows you exactly how to do it.  In my opinion Fanpage Dollars 3.0 will show you this.

    Facebook is just to BIG too ignore these days so if you are not already trying to promote Affiliate or CPA offers on Facebook then you definitely are missing out on making EASY MONEY! However if you think it is just as easy as setting up a Fanpage and then getting tons of fans of whatever niche your in purchasing from you or signing up for your CPA offers you are mistaken.  Now I will admit that I was able to set up a Fanpage in the past not really even knowing what I was doing and I did make quite a bit of money with it however trust me that is the exception and not the rule.

    With several of the so called “Guru’s” launching all kinds of WORTHLESS products such as Jani G’s Get FB Ads Free (please note that is a misnomer) and softwares that answer Yahoo Answers question it is nice to see a reputable internet marketer like Imran Naseem releasing a product like this that OVERDELIVERS!

    I would also like to add in that Imran Naseem is a CLASS ACT here is how much he cares about his customers, when an IM friend of his

    Imran Naseem

    Jani G released what is considered by many to be ONE OF THE WORST IM PRODUCTS EVER called “Get FB Ads Free” Imran refused to promote it and even went so far as to tell his customers not only was he not going to promote this WORTHLESS product but that if they got emails from other so called “Guru’s” who apparently care more about making a COMMISSION off of promoting a horrible IM product than they do about their customers wasting their hard earned money on it, NOT TO BUY “Get FB Ads Free”

    Because of the fact that Imran cared more about his customers than getting a COMMISSION for promoting his friends product he was shunned by Jani G and his friend Stevie J!  Needless to say Jani G and several other friends of his will not be promoting Fanpage Dollars 3.0 which is going to cost Imran even more money.

    On top of actually CARING ABOUT HIS CUSTOMERS, Imran Naseem is also going to be donating a portion of his profits to CHARITY!  So not only will you learn how to actually MAKE MONEY WITH FACEBOOK, you will also be able to THUMB your nose at the so called “Guru’s ” by helping Imran succeed despite them refusing to promote his product, and give to a charity as well!

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  • Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Millionaire Review

    Posted on May 11th, 2011 Tim 45 comments

    Top WSODon't Miss Out On Kelly Felix and Mike Longs Bring The Fresh 2012 Warrior Special Offer LIMITED TIME ONLY!

    Dan Brock's Deadbeat Millionaire Review

    If you haven’t heard of Dan Brock’s latest money making software, listen careful right now. Dan’s well known for completely overdelivering in his products, and his new automated “Deadbeat Millionaire” software is no exception.

    Back in November 2010, Dan’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate training changed the affiliate marketing industry for good, and now he’s decided to take it to the next level. His Deadbeat Millionaire software is a completely done-for-you automation software not only automates the process of setting up the same kind of high converting websites that make him over $25,556/m, it also helps automatically drive buying traffic straight to your affiliate websites.

    One aspect of it that I really like is not only automates the process, but that he even gives you his own personal websites that earn money for him on a daily basis. You can use them for yourself to make money, and you can also learn a lot about creating successful affiliate sites by dissecting what he did to create them.

    Here’s where it gets really cool:

    He picks specific niches and shows you exactly how he’d go about promoting them. He even provides you with indepth affiliate intellegence about each niche so you know exactly how to promote it – Not only which keywords to go after, but where to get multiple sources of traffic, where to find back links, and pre-written articles based around the niche so all the work is done for you.

    But it doesn’t stop there…

    For free, every single month, he continues to provide you with more niche training and done for you websites as he discovers new niches to make money in. This is such a great feature because it makes it easy for you to stay on the pulse of the industry.

    You can check out Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Millionaire software here.


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  • Extreme Niche Empires Review

    Posted on May 5th, 2011 Tim 17 comments

    Top WSOStart Earning Money Using JJ Alan's PinBiz - The $100/day Pinterest CPA System Warrior Special Offer!

    Extreme Niche Empires Review

    Module #1 Introduction This is a simple introduction that basically lays out the formula for the course.

    Module #2 Foundation For Success -This section goes way beyond about how to set up a site and monetize it, were talking how to run a business stuff and that is something most low cost courses lack!

    Module #3Power Niche Research – You will learn some AMAZING Google keyword tool tips and tricks you most likely never knew about!

    Module #4 The Cash Core – You may already know about most of the ways on how to monetize your site however for some even the more experienced marketers will learn something NEW with this module of the Extreme Niche Empires course.

    Module #5 Domains and Hosting – Trust me even though you are going to know most of what he explains you are going to want to still sit back, watch, and learn!

    Module #6Installing And Optimizing your Site – If you use WordPress and most internet marketers are then you are going to LOVE THIS SECTION!

    Module #7 Authority Content – With this section you are going to learn EXACTLY what it takes to get ranked on Google content wise etc. So if you are struggling at the moment then pay extra attention to this module of Extreme Niche Empires!

    Module #8Cash Fountains – TRUST ME, this section will show you some very cool ways to set your sites up so that you can MAXIMIZE your profits!

    Module #9Auto Traffic Siphons – You will learn other ways beyond Google on how to drive TARGETED TRAFFIC to your site.

    Module #10Auto Content FeedingTHIS SECTION IS FREAKING AWESOME! You will not only learn how you need to set your site up so that it looks like an Authority site to Google but way more as well!

    Module #11Boosting your Authority Content – this is some very cool backlinking tactics so that you can increase in the rankings on Google!

    Module #12 – Finalization and Launch – Pretty self explanetory, essentially you are going to put the finishing touches on your AUTHORITY SITE!

    Module #13 – Growing Your Empire – This is the RINSE and REPEAT Step so that you can easily continue to grow your Extreme Niche Empire!

    While some of the material in this course is not going to be anything NEW to an experienced internet marketer there are plenty of things covered in this course that isn’t just the same old ways of doing things!  The guy behind this product put a lot of EFFORT into making sure that those who bought Extreme Niche Empires got more than their moneies worth.  I highly recommend this product to Internet Marketers BEGINNERS AND NEWBIES alike!

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  • My Millionaire Mentor 2011 Review

    Posted on April 27th, 2011 Tim 84 comments

    Top WSOLEGALLY Still Traffic From CNN With Rob Jones Trust Jacker Warrior Special Offer Plugin! Literally All You Have To Do Is COPY and PASTE!

    My Millionaire Mentor 2011 Review

    My Millionaire Mentor 2011 was created by a Super Affiliate by the name of Michael Cheney. So when I had the chance to take a look at this new affiliate marketing product I was very interested to see whether or not his product would be worth the purchase price of $37.

    Now he claims in the copy of his sales page that to be an online millionaire you are going to need 2 things, they are

    1. The right money generating method, such as his Cash Catcher Method

    2. A mentor

    It then goes on to say that this product will give you both, so here is what you get when you access the My Millionaire Mentor 2011 Members Area.

    • Cash Catcher Bootcamp Intro Video – The “Cash Catcher Bootcamp” Wealth Session- a MP3 audio session, a PDF Mindmap, as well as a PDF Transcript.
    • A “MillionaireVision” Video – this video shows how to create a vision board, if you have never done a vision board then I highly suggest that even if you do not get Michael Cheney’s My Millionaire Mentor 2011 program that you learn how to create a vision board because they work.
    • The List Cash Catcher Intro Video – The “List Cash Catcher” Wealth Session- MP3, PDF Mindmap, PDF Transcript- If you have ever heard the saying, ” the money is in the list” then you will know exactly how important it is to get a targeted list built so that you can sell over and over to people who are interested in your chosen niche and in this section you will learn how to start building a targeted list.
    • The “Burning Beliefs” Video– This video is very good because it shows you an exercise on how to eliminate your negative beliefs. If you were to ask any successful person how important having the right belief system was to them becoming successful, I assure you that they will tell you it made a huge impact. Trust me I have read the autobiographies of some very successful people and this is something that almost all of them had in common.
    • The Affiliate “Cash Catcher” Intro Video – The Affiliate “Cash Catcher” Wealth Session- MP3, PDF Mindmap, PDF Transcript, PDF “Affiliate Cash Process Chart”
    • Project Overflow Video – This video shows you how to manage your projects and he does it with a cool demonstration that helps you better understand project management.
    • The “Easy Sales Cash Catcher” Intro Video – The “Easy Sales Cash Catcher” Wealth Session- MP3, PDF Mindmap, PDF Transcript, A Bonus Ebook ” How To Create Killer Copy That Sells
    • The “Overcome Overwhelm!” Video– yet another amazing video that shows how to avoid a common problem for internet marketers and that is becoming overwhelmed not only by daily life but by trying to fit in the time to work on internet marketing as well as spend time with your family, friends, etc. If you take the advice of this video, then you will be able to eliminate a lot of stress out of your life as well be able to maximize what you are able to accomplish each day.
    • The “Traffic Cash Catcher” Intro Video – Obviously this section of the My Millionaire Mentor 2011 Members Area shows you how to start pulling in targeted traffic, because you are going to need traffic to start building a list and making sales.
    • The “Traffic Cash Catcher” Wealth Session – MP3, PDF Mindmap, PDF Transcript, Bonus Ebook “The Worlds Most Powerful Internet Marketing Secret
    • The “Millionaire Time” Video – This video shows you how to plan your time more wisely, if you do this then you can start achieving huge results within a short amount of time, because if you do it correctly you are going to have certain ACTIONS that you will take each day that will get you closer bit by bit to your goal. Think about this for a second, people come up with great idea’s for products, books, etc. each and every day. The difference between someone who thinks of an invention and someone who actually takes his idea of his invention and actually creates it and then becomes a millionaire is the MILLIONAIRE TOOK ACTION. This video shows you exactly how to start planning your day so that you can TAKE ACTION each day and eventually become an online millionaire.
    • The “Golden Cash Catcher” Intro Video – This section is going to show you how to make money from the people who already have the gold, basically the big guys in the marketplace, you learn how to leverage what they have and make money.
    • The “Golden Cash Catcher” Wealth Session – MP3, PDF Mindmap, PDF Transcript
    • The “Holy Mackerel!” Video – this video shows you how to not be like Batman and be in your Bat cave, this means how to start networking which is essential to your affiliate marketing success.
    • The “Hands Free Cash Catcher” Intro Video – you are going to learn how to make money hands free.
    • The “Hands Free Cash Catcher” Wealth Session – MP3, PDF Mindmap, PDF Transcript
    • The “Brain Cash” Video
    • The “Millionaire Cash Catcher” Intro – You will discover in this section how to think, act, and become a millionaire. This includes real example of what he did to become an online millionaire himself.
    • The “Millionaire Cash Catcher” Wealth Session – MP3, PDF Mindmap, PDF Transcript
    • The “Read and Grow Rich” Video – He gives a selection of books that have helped him become a millionaire and tells you how each of them helped him here is an example of some of the books that he mentions: Think and Grow Rich, 7 Strategies for Success and Happiness, E Myth, etc.

    As you can see by the list of what you get in the Members Area of My Millionaire Mentor 2011, Michael Cheney does exactly what he said he would do in his sales letter and that his show you an EXACT METHOD for how to make money online and MENTOR YOU. He shows you exactly what you need to do to start making money online and he does it through what is called NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) modeling which is basically you imitate or model the behavior of someone who has been successful in a chosen niche such as by modeling their specific thought process, physiology, strategies, etc. that they used to make them successful to begin with.

    Think of it like this there may be a guy who is determined to create the perfect pie and he spends 10 years testing out various recipes and taking notes of what he did wrong as well as right, then after 10 years he creates a delicious pie that virtually everyone who eats it agrees is the best pie they have ever tasted. You would be able to either try over time to be able to recreate that tasty pie which could take you a bit less or even longer than it took him to create it or you could ask him to mentor you and show you how he does it and then follow each and everything that he does to create that same delicious pie. That is exactly what you are able to do with these video’s.

    You learn exactly what kind of mindset you are going to need to stay focused and motivated so that you can consistently TAKE ACTION each and everyday as well as what SPECIFIC ACTIONS you need to take so that you can start making money online in the shortest amount of time possible. I will admit that initially when I got into the Members Area of My Millionaire Mentor 2011, I thought here we go again another product that shows me exactly what I already know and that perhaps this would only be good for beginners in internet marketing.

    This however is good not only for beginners but those who already have been doing internet marketing for years as well. If you have been in the affiliate marketing business for years and you have not been able to make a full time income out of it then this is exactly what you have been needing to actually get you to actually earning a full time online income. This is because he shows you how to take what you already know, teach you even more, and then step by step how to implement it so that you start earning a full time income with an online business. The best part is that he shows you how to do this with audio, video’s, as well as with mind map charts and a transcript of the audio’s so that you can review them later.

    Then he has various video’s that help you understand a concept in a fun way as well as exercise video’s that help you gradually develop an online millionaire mindset. I highly recommend My Millionaire Mentor 2011 for anyone who is not an online millionaire, this includes those that are new, have been in the affiliate marketing field for a few months to several years, or even those that consider themselves experienced internet marketers.

    There is almost no way that someone in the affiliate marketing niche will not enjoy this product because it certainly over delivered. Now as I said before if you have been in the affiliate marketing niche for a while there may be times where you are going to get bored of learning some of the concepts that you already know, but he mixes it up enough with how to take those concepts and actually put them into action so that you can start making consistent money that I think you will easily be able to overlook it. Not only does he show you what to do right he teaches you about the mistakes that he has made along the way to his success so that you don’t have to make them yourself. One more recommendation is that if you do get this product then make sure to have a pen and notebook by your side so that you can take notes because you are going to learn quite a bit from My Millionaire Mentor 2011.

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  • WP Simplicity Review

    Posted on April 24th, 2011 Tim 34 comments

    Top WSOCheck Out Arron Reeves Kick Back CPA Warrior Special Offer: $250+ Daily w/ CRAZY CPA Formula!

    WP Simplicity Review

    WP Simplicity is one of the VERY BEST WordPress plugins that has been sold in a long time.  Honestly this is one of the very best investments you can make as an internet marketer if you use wordpress for your blogs.

    The most impressive benefit of this plugin is that it allows you to save time when creating blogs and also managing your existing WordPress sites. Once your blog is done you are going to notice that you are getting good quality traffic, even with very little backlinks to your site. The WP Simplicity plugin get’s content from the top articles directories, products to promote from Clickbank, Ebay and Amazon, all of which will can easily added to your blog without you having to leave the admin area of your blog.

    You are going to be able to get  fresh quality content from articles, videos, images, Clickbank products, Amazon products and Ebay auctions always available to update your blog, this will make it easier for you to rank higher on the popular search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. This means that these top search engines will recognize your content as unique, so you are more likely to get ranked in the top ten of the major search engines.

    So basically all you have to do if you were wanting to update your blog is go to your “add post” area and create a post within minutes by just typing your relevant keywords in the plugin search bar and WP Simplicity will perform its magic. It will then search for new articles, Clickbank products, Amazon products, eBay auctions and YouTube videos for you to add to your posts.

    As most internet marketers will tell you, this is really a numbers game. This means that when you have a lot of posts with good quality content, then you are going to increase your chances of getting a good position on Google searches for your niche.

    Keep in mind that if you have a lot of content and it is not unique, then you are more likely to send red flags to Google and the other major search engines, that often times can hurt your site ranking.

    Always remember that making money online is a lot more than just getting traffic to your site, because it’s important to have targeted quality traffic that will convert more easily into sales. The WP Simplicity plugin allows you to get this kind of traffic to your site.

    The WP Simplicity plugin comes with more than 140 preloaded plugins and you can select the ones you activate with one click without having to go through the process ofinstalling them separately. Anyone who has set up WordPress websites, then you know that this process can be time consuming. This AMAZING plugin allows you to install all of your favorite plugins within a matter of several seconds.

    The best thing about using this tool is that even if your preferred plugins are not among the pre-loaded, there is already a provision to add all and install at once. This plugin works together with most of the premium plugins.

    Here is a list of some of the features of the WP Simplicity plugin:

    • Easy single click installation and activation of over 140 highly rated and most popular plugins
    • Single click setup of permalinks that are search engine friendly to help with onpage optimization
    • Easily incorporate your favorite plugins within seconds
    • Set up pages such as About Us, Privacy Policy, Contact Us and Sitemap automatically with all the content set up for you
    • Can get highly targeted keyword rich articles that will help you update your website easily and quickly.
    • Can create video posts easily in seconds.
    • Promote products from Clickbank easily without even leaving your website. Select products by completely different criteria including popularity, keyword relevance and gravity.
    • Promote your Amazon products and never have to leave your admin area. Just enter the keyword and then select the products that you would like to promote on your website.
    • The plugin also generate eBay affiliate auctions. You only need to have an eBay ID number in order to start promoting products.
    • Can quickly set up one-time affiliate links, this means that whenever you are promoting any products from sites such as EBay, Amazon or Clickbank, you don’t have to be concerned about losing on commissions. Virtually all the products will be populated and preloaded with your affiliate links.
    • One click activation and installation of more than 140 pre-loaded plugins which are the most popular and highly rated ones nowadays.
    • Users can easily add their own preferred WordPress plugin which are not pre-loaded in a few seconds.
    • Automatically organize and configure basic pages with content including about us, privacy policy, contact us and sitemap.
    • One-click automated setup of pre-programmed permalinks that are search engine friendly for the purpose of search engine optimization as well as pre-configures the sidebar settings.
    • Users have total control over the content that is posted on blogs. This means that they can decide, manage, plan or edit the content and layout of the blog in order to improve position on the search engines and site ranking.
    • Create videos for targeted keyword and upload this to post from site such as YouTube. The video will have a title and description based on the chosen keywords.
    • You can promote products easily from Clickbank and allow you to earn affiliate commissions. With this plugin, it’s easy to enhance the post by marketing Clickbank products relevant to the blog niche with a Clickbank ID.
    • It is now easy to earn from targeted auction products on Ebay. The plugin features can allow users to add auction items and generate money, as long as they have an eBay affiliate ID.
    • Earn commissions from promoting Amazon products. It is possible to create a lot of post with products from Amazon based on targeted keyword and get to earn commission for sales made from referrals.
    • There is no need to be concerned about copyright problems. WP Simplicity gets content from API programs, in which the publishers allow internet users to republish their contents.
    • Set up affiliate links one time for product from EBay, Clickbank and Amazon. The affiliate links are included in the products link so whenever someone clicks the links and buy a product, then users can earn a commission.
    • Add maps to any posts when needed. This plugin make provision for users to embed directions on the posts.
    • This plugin is easy and quick to install, even by persons who are not considered technical experts.
    • With an automated backend that is user-friendly and easy to manage, there is no need to wait around to gain access to a user guide. It will be easy to start configuring as well as setting up blogs instantly once the plugin is installed.

    So definitely check WP Simplicity out if you have not done so already because I have no doubt that most internet marketers are going to love it!


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