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  • Video Marketing Tips Using Online Video Websites To Promote Your Website

    Posted on October 27th, 2011 Tim 21 comments

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    Youtube Marketing Tips

    Do you run your own website? In today’s world, it is possible that you do.  Many website owners are trying to capitalize on the popularity of the internet.  That may involve creating a website that sell as particular product or creating a website that relies on online advertisements to make money. Whichever type of website you own, your website will need to have traffic. Without that traffic internet users will not buy your products or click on your advertisements.  However, for many, getting internet traffic is easier said than done.

    When it comes to internet traffic many individuals let the search engines do all of the work for them. When you create a website, it is likely that you will have content on your website. That content most commonly includes articles.  Search engines use that content to rank your website.  Being the owner of a high ranking website will often result in more online visitors. Depending on the type of website you have, more website visitors could mean more profits.  Unfortunately, with an unlimited number of online websites, not everyone can have a high ranking website. This means that, in addition to search engines, you should promote your online website in other ways.

    One way that you could promote your online website, to increase the number of page views it sees, is to take advantage of online video websites.  Online video websites are rapidly increasing in popularity and that popularity may be able to help make your website a success.

    When it comes to promoting you website, with online video websites, there is one thing that you will want to keep in mind. Most internet users do not enjoy watching videos that appear as spam. This means that you will want to promote your online business to the best of your ability, without trying to appear too pushy. This can easily be done a number of different ways.

    If you are the owner of an online website that sells a particular product or service, you may want to consider promoting or showcasing that product or service.  You can easily do this by showing samples of your work. It may also be a good idea to explain how long you have been making the products or offering the services that you currently offer. Although you will want to promote your online website and the products you are selling, you will also want to keep your video as general as it can be. This will help to keep it from looking like increasing your sales the only goal of your video.  If you choose to do so, you will want to offer information on your business at the end of your video.

    Although online website owners who are using their website to sell a product or service can benefit the most from the use of online video websites, everyone else can as well. If you are using your website to make money through online advertisements, such as Google Adsense or affiliate programs, it is likely that your website is content driven. This means that you may have a collection of articles on your website, often focused on a particular topic.  It may be a good idea to create a video proving information and even interactive displays on the topic that your website covers, whether that topic be women’s health issues, owing a pet, or something similar. At the end of your video, it may be a good idea to include the address of your online website. Doing so may help to increase the number of visitors that your website gets.

    When it comes to using online video websites to promote your online website, you will have a number of different options.  There are a number of online video websites that will allow you to upload and share your videos, many free of charge. To make the most out of the time spent making your video, you are advised to find an online video website that is popular, such as  YouTube.  The more people that see your video, the better the chances are of them making their way to your online website.

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  • Why All Internet Marketers Need To Focus On List Building!

    Posted on July 23rd, 2011 Tim 31 comments

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    List Building Success

    The power of collecting an email address is amazing. Very often you can expect between 1 and 10 percent of visitors to your website to either make a purchase on their initial visit to your website if you are selling a product or click an affiliate link and make a purchase (conversion rate) and between 10 and 33 percent to give you their email address (signup rate). Often visitors weren’t intending to buy any product but were after more information on your subject. Studies show it often takes 7 communications before a customer will buy a product. This is because people naturally feel that they need more information and confidence before they’re ready to buy any kind of product.

    We need to offer the customer an awesome product that they simply can’t say no to for them to give us their email. Often people have no intention of handing out their email address but a careful planned report or mini-course that is instantly delivered to them is often incentive enough for them to build that bridge.

    The method of collecting email addresses is called an autoresponder. That is, a database that stores names and email addresses and can send out pre-programmed email addresses to recipients. These can be customised and sent instantly, 1 day, 5 days and anywhere up to 10 years after the initial email was collected. Very powerful and effective. Third party autoresponders that sit on a separate server are the most effective and you can generate your own signup form to place on your website.

    You can also send an email to your database at any time. Let’s look at an example of the power of an email database. Let’s say you attract 200 visitors each day (easily possible) and have a signup rate of 15%, so that’s 30 email addresses a day, and after a year you have 10 950. If you mailout a promotion for a product that pays out a commission on average of about $37 per purchase and just 3% of your list buys the product (quite reasonable), that’s an income of $11,840 just from one mailout! This profit is realised over a few days and a great example of why any internet marketer needs to start building a mailing list. So make sure you ask for that email address.   Trust me on this!

    If you are wanting to start building a list then I highly recommend a NEW product from an internet marketer named Mo Mulla his product Instant Affiliate Paydays  gives you a software as well as learning material on how to build a MASSIVE MAILING LIST that will make you a TON of money!

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  • The KEY To A Winning Internet Marketing Strategy Is To Master ONE Technique First

    Posted on July 15th, 2011 Tim 39 comments

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    Are you new to the Internet and Internet Marketing?

    Looking to stack your claim of Internet “RICHES” by starting up a online business of your own?

    Aren’t we all.

    I remember when I first got started online… I didn’t have a clue where to start, how to start, let alone, how to make money online.

    It was so overwhelming because everytime I typed in the keywords “Internet Marketing” into a search engine I would literally receive hundreds of thousands of results about “How to market your business on the Internet”.

    Where do you start when your getting that many results?

    And… more importantly, who do you believe when you start going through them?

    I’m sure some of you experienced the same feelings and thoughts I did when you first got started and/or are feeling right now if you are thinking of setting up shop online.

    It’s Very easy to get caught up in all the HYPE on the Internet about how easy it is to Make Money online, but, the truth of the matter is, it’s not as easy as you think simply because you First have to earn the trust of your potential customer through the words you speak, and more importantly, you have to know how to reach them via the Internet.

    This is where alot of newbie internet marketers fail because they get so caught up in all the HYPE on how to promote their affiliate sites online that they end up suffering from what is called… “Information Overload” and end up pulling the plug and never looking back.

    Well, I’m here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be that way.

    Don’t give up so easily on your dream of being independent.

    There are many ways to promote your business online. Some are FREE and some are not.

    There’s Pay-Per-Click search engines, Permission Email Marketing, RSS, Banners, Viral Marketing, MLM, Traffic Exchanges, Search Engine’s, Blogs and much more.

    This can at first seem Very overwhelming for someone new to the Internet and Internet marketing.

    I know from experience.

    Now, with that said, for the remainder of this article I want to focus on HOW you should approach your internet marketing business so that this doesn’t happen to you.

    It’s really not that difficult if you take your time and not jump into every marketing tactic available that’s being thrown your way or cluttering up your Inbox.

    Your first step should be to get your website up.(The most important step)

    Your next step is to pick ONE marketing strategy that you think will drive the Most targeted traffic to your website and MASTER IT!

    I’m going to say that again…

    “first, get your website up and ready to MAKE MONEY, then pick ONE marketing strategy that you think will drive the MOST targeted traffic to your website and… MASTER IT!”

    Did you get that?

    I hope so.

    By doing this ONE step, by mastering ONE technique before moving on to the next, it will save you from suffering from what I and many others did when they first got started…

    Which was… “Information Overload”.

    (Note: To clarify what I mean by “Information Overload”, I mean… having to know everything and anything about Internet marketing and online business.)

    By just mastering ONE technique first and testing its results, you will grow your Internet business much Faster and with less confusion and time wasted.

    I’ve been marketing my online business by this one principal for quite some time now with great results.

    It works for me, so… maybe it’ll work for you.

    Now I have literally reviewed a TON of internet marketing products and by far the ones I am listing below are THE BEST when it comes to showing how to make money online!  However in my opinion THE ABSOLUTE BEST is Kelly Felix and Mike Long’s  Bring The Fresh!  However not everyone can afford the $97 price to get Bring the Fresh.  So if for some reason you can’t afford it I would also recommend the next best in my opinion and that is Extreme Niche Empires.  If for some reason taht doesn’t appeal to you then any of these listed below are EXCELLENT as well:

    24 Hour Internet Business – This product was created by the legendary Ewen Chia who has made MILLIONS online and it is very thorough in showing you exactly with video’s how to start making money online within 24 hours!

    Sara Young’s Easy Paycheck Formula – Sara Young is a stay-at-home mom of 6 kids who decided to make a living online.  She made up her mind and didn’t let anything stop her.   Not the lack of time and not the lack of knowledge.  And she made it!  After a ton of trial and error she came up with a simple formula that allows her to make money online with very little work.  And now she is sharing it with the rest of the world this is an excellent product for internet marketing beginners as she shows you everything you need to know in Video’s, Ebooks, and even gives you what Actions you need to take after each module of the product!

    Point Copy Profit – This is the system that a 16 year old high school dropout from the ghetto’s of Detroit used to make $16,000 a month!  So if this 16 can earn that kind of money you can surely pull in at least a part time to full time income with this system.

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  • What Is Multi-level Marketing And Can You Make Money Doing It

    Posted on May 11th, 2011 Tim 190 comments

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    Multi-level marketingis a business model where salespersons like sales consultants, distributors, and even franchise owners and independent owners work in harmony to increase the sales of the product, on commission basis. This is more like a franchise arrangement where the sales of the product depend on the combined effort of each franchise and regional manager. There are multiple levels of people receiving commission. Usually there are seven or more levels. Multilevel marketing is basically a combination of franchise and direct marketing.

    This concept started in 1980s when most of the companies started handling the stocking and distribution issues and started compensating all the individuals involved. This increased the interest of each member in promoting sales due to the chance of earning bonuses and since then the Multilevel Marketing companies have taken the responsibility of taking orders, shipping goods, and paying revenue. Things became easier with the transition to Internet. Product promotion, advertising and sales were made online and hence, the whole process began to be known as online MLM.

    There are various MLM compensations plans. According to the uni-level or stairway breakaway plans there are two types of distributors involved managers and non-managers. According to the matrix plans, the width of each level in a distributor’s group is regulated. In binary plans, the limit of each level’s width has two legs. Commission was paid when both the legs reached a specific target. In elevator scheme, the distributors pay splits after a certain number of units have been paid.

    The commissions are paid in two ways, the first says that the commission is paid only if the product is sold and the second one involves paying commission even if the customer just signed-up, it doesn’t require the customer to buy anything. Because of the second method illegitimate MLM or illegal pyramid started to arise. The intermediate members used to make proxy customer sign-ups to receive commission and they used to tempt the participant to buy more products than they can be sold. But as most of these businesses present themselves as legal, precautions must be taken. It is better to approach businesses that follow the first method of commission, where it’s compulsory to make a sale and not just recruiting a customer. Here money isn’t paid for customer sign-up at all. MLM marketing is being practiced all over the United States and in hundreds of other countries.

    In 1979, Amway Corporation was accused of price fixing. They exaggerated sales claims, while their distributors sold the products at a minimum price. After that, FTC warned all multi-level companies whose commission was based on recruiting and not sales. In 2006, all the business sellers including MLM organizations were asked to provide customers with thorough information, according to the Business Opportunity Rule introduced by the Federal Trade Commission, so as to save them from deception. Before that many motivating programs were started which hid the truth. Such programs were known as cult programs.

    Laws have been made stronger. As a measure, pyramid scheme is banned in most of the countries. All the newly hired salespeople have to bare the cost of initial training and material. They even have to buy a big amount of inventory. To test the legality of MLM marketing, the 70% rule is being implemented. The members are stopped from over-loading so as to increase their commission. Only when seventy percent of the inventory is sold, order can be made for new material.

    The best product I have found that shows how to be successful with MLM is Kevin Trudeau’s Maximize Profits.

    Now I am going to be honest MLM is not my favorite way too make money but the truth is you can make money doing MLM!  I have had a ton of request asking me about MLM and that is the reason I will start putting a bit more information on this site about MLM.  However keep in mind my favorite way to make money is AFFILIATE MARKETING!  The best product that I have found is Bring the Fresh if you are wanting to learn how to make money quickly as an affiliate marketer.

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