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  • Chronic Commissions Review

    Posted on July 17th, 2011 Tim 134 comments

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    This is a review ofCorey Lewis and Winter Valko’s Chronic Commissions product if you are looking for his official site CLICK HERE!

    Corey Lewis and Winter Valko’s Chronic Commissions Review

    Chronic Commissions Review

    When I first heard about the stoner internet marketer (hence the word Chronic) for Chronic Commissions I have too admit I was a bit skeptical about the whole product.  But regardless I knew I had too do the review for this product and I have to admit that I was VERY PLEASANTLY SURPRISED!

    This product could actually be helpful regardless of whether you are a total newbie to internet marketing or more experienced.  However if you are fairly new then you will most likely LOVE Chronic Commissions as the product is very easy to setup and get going.

    Each section of this product has a video for it so there is no mistaking exactly what you need to do.  Now what is really nice about Chronic Commissions especially for someone new to internet marketing is that you do not need a website or hosting etc. since this software is web based.

    All you have to do is enter in some inforation such as:

    • Your Clickbank ID, this is obviously for you affiliate links and commissions.
    • Your Paypal ID, for those that would like to get paid per lead.
    • and Your Aweber Optin Code, now if you do not have an account with Aweber then the creators will pay you to your Paypal per lead which is nice but I would go with setting up and Aweber account and collecting the leads rather as having a mailing list will pay you much more than you are going to get per lead in the long run.

    Once you have completed filling in that information you will then set up your campaigns.  You will have 5 high converting internet marketing offers supplied that you can essentially put in your tracking id and then choose whether or not you want it to go too the sales letter or the squeeze page, I would recommend that you go with the squeeze page myself.

    The squeeze pages that they provide are very good and will certainly help you too start building a list and I can’t stress this enough the MONEY IS IN THE LIST!  Another nice feature of the squeeze page is that even if your site visitor clicks to leave an exit splash will come up and take them too the sale page which is yet another reason why I would go with the SQUEEZE PAGE option where you will still get credit if your site visitor makes a purchase!

    TRAFFIC–  Now aside from some traditional and FREE WAYS of getting traffic to your sales page and I would highly recommend that you continue to do those as well such as Article marketing, Forums, etc. Chronic Commissions also provides a Solo Ad Directory of about 20 people that displays the tested results, the list size, as well as the cost per click.  This TRAFFIC SOURCE is very much worth the price of the product itself!  Think about it, this may cost you a small amount of money too use but it is traffic and not only potential sales but potential people too put on your mailing list that you can continue to sale too for a very long time!

    With all of this you are also going to be able to track your campaigns, show the raw clicks, as well as the unique clicks, etc.


    Now everyone knows I love BONUSES!   Here are the BONUSES for Chronic Commissions:

    • You get 5 HIGH CONVERTING squeeze pages that give away a ebook/report (these are PLR)
    • Personalized Coaching BONUS, which I honestly can’t say how good this will be as it is being offered about 10 days from launch which is probably so they can figure out what people are most likely having problems with or what they are wanting to learn more about which I would imagine is going to be TRAFFIC!

    The upsells are as follows:

    Upsell #1: 36 Pack Campaign Pack – You are already given 10 to begin with so if you are wanting even more this is a very good upsell!

    Upsell #2: 8 Week Coaching with the creators of the Chronic Commissions – I have said this before many times I honestly do not recommend that you get any COACHING UPSELLS that is just my opinion but I would stay way from those if I were you!

    Pro’s –  

    • Chronic Commissions is very NEWBIE FRIENDLY!  You do not need a domain or hosting to use this product so you can easily afford to try a $1 trial month with Aweber to get a mailing list up and running and income coming in.  EASY to set up and get going literally aside from watching the video’s you can get this thing going within minutes!
    • Provides many different ways to make money so if you rather not collect leads then you can get money for the leads you provide and you can also make affiliate sales.
    • Even experienced internet marketers will like this as it pretty much takes all of the work out of setting up a squeeze page etc.
    • Chronic Commissions provides sources of getting traffic to your squeeze page or affiliate sales page!


    You have too pay for the traffic that it provides (however keep in mind you can still send FREE traffic to your offer and I recommend that you do even if you do purchase from their sources of traffic)


    I have to admit that I was very PLEASANTLY SURPRISED with Chronic Commissions as it really is one of the best internet marketing products that I have seen come out in quite a while.  I would highly recommend a product like this too a friend who is getting into internet marketing and doesn’t know where too start as it will help him both easily set a squeeze page up to start building a list, get traffic too the squeeze page, and provide affiliate commissions all in one!  I am actually VERY HAPPY that something like this has been released since there have been a TON of crappy products released lately!  So I highly recommend Chronic Commissions for anyone who is not yet making a money online or is wanting too build a mailing list or even both!

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