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  • Sports Betting Affiliate Programs: Stake Your Claim

    Posted on March 28th, 2012 Tim 12 comments

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    Sports Betting Affiliate Programs: Stake Your Claim

    Make Money As A Sports Betting Affiliate

    Making money online doesn’t need to be a dull and it doesn’t require a huge financial backing, best of all there are options available to everybody. It is the perception of most people that money can only be made on the Internet if you have either a ground breaking idea or sign up to a shady scheme or two. But there are in fact a number of ways to earn honest money, in an easy cost and risk free environment. The opportunities generated by the surge in the popularity of the internet have created a number of money-making schemes, few of which are as a successful or as popular as affiliate marketing.

    Affiliate marketing may sound like an intricate and complicated advertising system, but in truth it is a simplistic business well within the reach of even the least technologically minded internet user. All that is required is a website and a quick sign up to one of the dozens of affiliate programs available and you are away. Most affiliate marketing programs will supply their sites with all of the relevant advertising materials such as banners and text links. These unique marketing banners supply the key to all affiliate programs as they can accurately trace where a customer comes from, and thus more importantly who to pay. This is achieved through individual URL’s and a fully automated system, which makes sure all the affiliates get paid without even lifting a finger.

    The key to becoming a successful affiliate is to first align yourself with a distinct market sector or industry. The size and popularity of an industry can make the difference between success and failure of an affiliate. There are a number of industries that provide affiliate programs, but one of the most successful niche markets is that of online gaming. Breaking down the online gaming sector further, a new affiliate can refine their field of expertise further, choosing something like sports betting. The betting industry has always been a popular offline pursuit, but it’s spread through the Internet has been nothing short of phenomenal. It has become a huge multi-billion dollar industry, which has been quick to recognize the contribution of the all-important affiliates that have supplied millions of customers to the companies over the years.

    Affiliates representing the sports betting industry sites, can expect to earn a favorable percentage of up to 35% of a players lifetime money generated for the site. Every time a player bets and loses the affiliate stands in line to earn their percentage of the money, just as a bookmaker does. From the affiliate point of view, attracting these customers is a simplistic business mostly based on good fortune. But as with all industries you can make your own luck through a little research and work. By optimizing an affiliate site and attracting more traffic an affiliate can obviously earn far more money. More hits can turn into more cash, which is the ideal for all affiliates. There is no single key to success, but affiliate marketing is a simple way for anyone, with any budget and skills to tap into a lucrative online market and get their cut of the action.

    If you have no idea where to get started then I highly recommend that you get one of these AMAZING affiliate marketing products below:

    Bring The Fresh 2012 Warrior Special Offer – For a VERY LIMITED TIME Kelly Felix and Mike Long are offering a VERY generous discount on their Bring The Fresh 2012 product over at the Warrior Forum I can’t stress how good this product is.  Actually it is the BEST all you will have to do is read the reviews and I think they speak for themselves.  Also I would like to add that this is a TRUE limited time offer no one that says it is and then it never ends normally this product is sold for $97 and wait until you see how low they are offering it for.

    Guru Spy Code – Within this product you will learn not only how to make money in the sports betting niche but pretty much any niche by learning how to effectively spy on the TOP EARNERS within whatever niche you decide on getting in so that you can find out what it is they are doing to succeed and then all you have to do is implement it yourself.  This is definitely a very cool product.

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