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  • Successfully Starting Your Own Home Based Business – The Easy Way

    Posted on July 6th, 2011 Tim 30 comments

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    How To Start An Internet Marketing Business

    My online business journey into affiliate marketing started about 5 years ago, I was  looking for some magic formula that would make me rich overnight earning me at least $2,000-$3,000 per month. As with most new home business seekers I started scanning the search engines fanatically with keywords like start your home based business, make money, easy money, and data entry, typing jobs and just about any other get rich quick term you could think of.

    As time passed by I realized that I have wasted hundreds of dollars on so called get rich schemes 99% of which turned out to be scams! Like most of you suffering the same fate I felt all broken and lost. But I had no other option but to move on with it since the Internet was pretty much my only option to actually stand a chance at making any kind of decent amount of money.  That is the beauty of the internet it doesn’t really take much money at all to get started unlike a brick and mortar store where you have to usually get some kind of loan, have inventory cost, rent cost, etc.  With the internet you can in many cases get started for free or with very little money at all.

    I thought that there must be something out there that must be working and I will get to it – no matter what – because I was seeing a lot of people daily who were making a good living off the net. Now I run a successful site . So, what I share below is a part of my 5 year genuine home business experience that may be helpful for those who may need it!

    Remember this there is nothing called a free meal in this world! What I mean by that is if someone says you can Earn $1,000 per day – then you better be skeptical, because while you can certainly earn that much in a day you are rarely if ever going to be making that kind of money by just buying some push button software or taking some surveys.  Trust me, I know because I have burned my hand several times following these titles. Once you are on such websites that make such claim they take over your senses by luring you with rich lifestyles, money and captivating content. And then they tell it would cost a meager $29.00 to get the details, and then when you get the product you often time find out that it doesn’t live up to the hype. It happens all the time. So, the bottom line is be very skeptical of those who claim they can  make you rich overnight.

    Now, that doesn’t mean you can’t make $1,000 or more in a day it is just going to take you a bit longer than you may like it too.  But just remember this affiliate marketing is one of  the Best Money Making Methods available today and there are a lot of programs, genuine ones, that will show you how to earn hundreds if not thousands per day. My site is dedicated to such researched genuine home business based on my experience. If you are looking to start a home based business then check out some of these product below!

    Any of these internet marketing products below are AWESOME and will show you how to start making money online:

    Bring the Fresh – This is probably my favorite because they keep it constantly updated and the creators of this product have made MILLIONS of dollars online!  They also give you their personal cell phone numbers so that if you need help you can contact them!

    Point Copy Profit – This is the system that a 16 year old high school dropout from the ghetto’s of Detroit used to make $16,000 a month!  So if this 16 can earn that kind of money you can surely pull in at least a part time to full time income with this system.

    Extreme Niche Empires – Once again a very well put together system of how to create your own business by doing affiliate marketing!

    24 Hour Internet Business – This product was created by the legendary Ewen Chia who has made MILLIONS online and it is very thorough in showing you exactly with video’s how to start making money online within 24 hours!

    Sara Young’s Easy Paycheck Formula – Sara Young is a stay-at-home mom of 6 kids who decided to make a living online.  She made up her mind and didn’t let anything stop her.   Not the lack of time and not the lack of knowledge.  And she made it!  After a ton of trial and error she came up with a simple formula that allows her to make money online with very little work.  And now she is sharing it with the rest of the world this is an excellent product for internet marketing beginners as she shows you everything you need to know in Video’s, Ebooks, and even gives you what Actions you need to take after each module of the product!

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