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  • Things You Must Have to Make Lots of Money Fast

    Posted on February 12th, 2013 Tim No comments

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    Things You Must Have to Make Lots of Money Fast

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    make money mouseWhere ever you are presently in your life you can begin to make large amounts of money very fast if you understand a few simple principles. Despite what anyone may tell you these principles of generating money fast do work.

    These principles are not difficult but in order to understand them you must process them. You must take the time to give them some thought, until the thought becomes a part of your very being.

    How to make money fast is one of the hot topics on everyone’s mind. Most people will tell you that claims of making fast money is a hokes. Those are the very people who believe that only hard work and struggle can create money. However despite the hard work, the concept of fast money is still not part of the equation. After all if you are working very hard you are unlikely to be making the sort of fast money that you would dream of.

    I can tell you from first hand experience that fast money does not come through hard work. If you are marketing your business or interested in accumulating more money struggling will only kill your changes of getting money in a fast and easily way.

    –The First Step–

    The first think you need in order to make fast money is to have a clear goal. How much do you want? You would be so surprise at how many people want more money but don’t have a clear idea as to how much they want.

    Without a clear goal your desire is just a wish, it is not concrete. Be specific about how much money you want and by when you would like to have it.

    –The Second Step-

    The very next step is to take inspired action. Inspired action comes from the universe as a nudge. It’s the perfect idea, job or business that will help you in getting your goal accomplished.

    It makes no sense trying to do something that your neighbor or your coworker tried. What is an ideal opportunity to make fast money for them may not be ideal for you. Besides your goals are unique and the opportunities that are rightfully aligned for you are rightfully suited for you to reach your goal in the time that you desire.

    –The Third Step-

    The third most powerful step is to have a clear and bright vision of your goal. This is where most people fail. Most people get caught up in fear and worry that their goal will not be able to materialize and spend lots of wasted time holding back on their actions.

    How many times have you been offered a great idea which you may have promised to do but allowed your fears to get in the way?

    You must be able to hold your vision in such a way as to feed it with your own personal powerful intention that your vision will materializes money a lot faster than usual.

    Many people who understand the power of holding a clear vision have gone on to make money very fast again and again. Those are the ones who deeply understood the precise way. With a little time and your deep desire you can literally suck money to you faster.

    Over the years I can honestly say that I have tested all these theories and without fail they work in generating money faster than if I did not practice these methods.

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  • Make Money Online By Selling Information

    Posted on December 4th, 2012 Tim No comments

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    Make Money Online By Selling Information


    Easy Way To Make Money Online

    The Internet has been dubbed The Information Superhighway and it certainly lives up to the name. Everyday, millions of people use the Internet and the World Wide Web to seek out information; whether it’s reviews of a new dishwasher, cheapest deals on package holidays, what’s on at the local theater or tracking down old friends. Chances are, if you’re looking for information, it can be found somewhere online.

    While the Internet is undoubtedly a rich sea of data, not all of it is useful information, relevant to the consumer. This, combined with the desire for instant gratification that the Internet instills in its users, builds up a demand for the right information – right NOW!

    Despite the hype about making money quickly, easily, out of thin air or the dot com boom there is money to be made on the internet. It’s a simplification of the process, but if you’re someone with the capability to meet some of this demand for information then you have an opportunity to make money online. As a supplier of information, you have the ability to help make the Internet more useful for the consumer by delivering what they want, when they want it. You can, of course, charge a fee for providing this convenience.

    Whether or not you actually make a sale is another matter. Just like most other purchasing decisions, if the consumer considers the value of your offer as being greater than its cost (or the pain of not purchasing) then you’re likely to make a sale. Get the balance wrong and they’ll likely move on.

    While a lot of information is freely available online, it’s widely accepted that the age of the commercial internet has arrived. Some may argue that there shouldn’t be any cost associated with information and while you may be able to find the same information at no cost somewhere on the internet, often the time saved and the convenience of getting exactly what you want is considered worthy of the expense. As an example, you could try and borrow someone’s copy of a newspaper or you could pay to access the latest breaking news from the comfort of your own desk. Unsurprisingly, a large number of people chose the latter when the New York Times switched to a subscription model back in 2003.

    There’s a great demand for information online. If you’re one of the people who can supply to this demand, especially if the information is specialist or niche, then there’s little to stop you from charging for your services. With a suitable marketplace to pitch your offer, you can almost be certain that you will be able to make some easy money.

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  • Investing In Gold Bullion Is Easy Now

    Posted on February 2nd, 2012 Tim 2 comments

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    Investing In Gold Bullion Is Easy Now

    You Should Be Investing In Gold Today!

    Right now you’re probably thinking that gold bullion investing is something best left to the pros. Yes, the majority of traders making noise are professional investors. But there are some easy ways to get into the bullion market, and gold could be a good investment for you.

    Of all things to invest in, gold is probably one of the most liquid investments. And much unlike many of the other commodities, it is literally traded 24 hours a day everywhere in the world. This means you can buy and sell gold in about any country.

    Mom always said to not put all your eggs in one basket, and this is why gold should form the foundation in your overall investment portfolio. If you have only paper in your portfolio, know that gold tends to move in the opposite direction of paper investments.

    It really stands out as a diversifier. With your stocks, bonds and cash, gold can help offset fluctuations in the market. There are a lot of financial advisers that recommend having 5 to 10 percent of gold in their portfolio.

    If you would like to find out more about investing in gold then I highly recommend checking out this FREE Gold Investment Kit so that you can make the best gold investment decisions:  


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  • Home Business Online Opportunity – Take The Survey Test Now

    Posted on November 23rd, 2011 Tim 1 comment

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    Making Money With Paid Surveys Tips

    Get Paid To Take Surveys Online

    Are you looking for a home business online opportunity? The internet offers a multitude of home work business opportunities if one is willing to look. One of these is online marketing. More specifically, survey taking.

    Lots of big retail chains will pay money to know what you-the consumer-is thinking, giving you a great work at home business opportunity. The internet is full of online businesses looking for people just like you to take surveys and some of these online surveys can pay you as much as $100 per survey, how’s that for a work at home business. Five 10 minute surveys and you could be making up to $500 per day with these home work business opportunities.

    A friend of mine used to do this all the time. At first I thought it was absurd. Why would someone pay you to take a survey? But if you think about it, you’ll probably realize that you’ve probably taken a survey in the recent past on the phone. The only difference being, they didn’t pay you!

    All you have to do is type in “online surveys” into your favourite search engine, to realize this home business online opportunity. But be careful, some of them may be hoaxes. You need to choose carefully which ones you will do.

    Many of them give coupons or gift certificates instead of money. You also need to make sure that they service the country you’re applying from. For instance, if you are from Canada, and doing a survey from the United States, you may not be eligible for the merchandise they give for doing the survey.

    Any time you try to make money online, you have to read the fine print. Make sure that the home business online opportunity you choose won’t see you getting ripped off, or wasting your time.

    Starting a home business can be very rewarding, both financially and socially and what better way to make money online than spending 10 minutes of your time filling in surveys.

    My Recommend Paid Survey Site:

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  • Fastest Ways To Make Money Online

    Posted on October 14th, 2011 Tim 127 comments

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    Get Rich Now! Learn how to very quickly make money online


    Learn some easy to implement tactics of making money online very quickly … in the luxury of your home

    From: Tim Nesbitt (The Real Underground Affiliate)
    RE: The Fastest Ways to Make Money Online

    Have you exhausted all your creative strategies of making money online? Are you feeling discouraged after a string of failed attempts at cracking the code of cyberspace trends? Have you been feeling a cash crunch and wondering how you will accomplish your dreams? WAIT… It’s time you take a fresh approach. After all, millions of people are earning their living online. Now you can embark on the journey to make money online with the right knowledge. You are sure to be amazed at how fast you can pull in some extra cash.

    Earn $200 In A Matter Of Hours

    A study conducted by Jupiter Research in 2008 mentioned that a staggering $2.1 billion was given to website and blog owners as affiliate marketing fees. Online businesses have become immensely popular, since startup expenses are low and the income generated is high. But this is the case only if the right strategies are used. If your online business is not giving you the expected results, it’s time you discovered the right path… the path to more income. So, do not delay.

    •     Numerous people across the globe quit their regular jobs and become their own boss
    •     Make money online and never have to answer to anyone else, meet deadlines, attend boring meetings and feel stressed about reaching office late
    •     Have enough time for your family and friends and you never have to miss a party or an important family occasion
    •     Work from the comfort of your home
    •     No longer do you have to deal with office politics or answer to a senior colleague
    •     Be accountable only to YOURSELF
    •     Save time and money on travel
    •     Take leaves and vacations when it is convenient to you
    •     It’s your online business. You are not slogging away to fill someone else’s wallet. The more you work, the more you earn and you get to keep it all
    •     Register your business and enjoy tax advantages

    Read The Fastest Ways to Make Money Online

    Here’s your chance of getting rich without having to sacrifice all your time in trying to accomplish this.

    Learn the ways in which you can earn easily and quickly.

    Pitch yourself well, attract thousands of visitors and keep them glued to your website.

    Do not rely on SMO experts. BECOME an expert yourself.

    Take your OWN decisions. Take COMPLETE control of your business. Keep ALL the profits.

    Learn some winning strategies to ensure that you earn even when you are partying with your friends!

    Turn your dream of SUCCESS into a reality and fill your coffers with the greenback within a week!

    See your friends turn green with jealousy when you buy your new house or your dream car!


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  • Make Extra Money Online With Clickbank

    Posted on August 31st, 2011 Tim 344 comments

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    Clickbank Affiliate Marketing Basics

    Make Money With Clickbank

    Clickbank is an extremely popular and profitable affiliate network on the worldwide web and many clickbank affiliate marketing individuals make a lot of money with it. This article will give you the basics on how to go about using this powerful website so that you can start earning money online.

    Signing up with Clickbank is fast and easy and there are several tutorials, tips and training that show you exactly how to get started.

    Next you’ll want to look for your first product or service–keep in mind that Clickbank is generally geared for digital products. Try to pick something that you are interested in, or that is in a niche that already involved in. It’s easier to stay focused on what you are doing if the topic actually interests and even inspires you. If you already have an established site on a certain topic, it’s very easy to incorporate some clickbank products to sell there. The more specifically targeted the product to your site, the better. Look for products and services that have good gravity and popularity stats. If you find something that you really like but the stats don’t add up, then it’s really not worth the effort you’ll have to spend on it.

    You can decide to promote your product directly with the salespage given to you by the merchant, or you can do it by setting up a blog or website and positioning the product there. Most experienced marketers will agree that you can do the direct ad to merchant website as a newcomer to affiliate marketing, and it is a way to learn the ropes, so to speak. But it is worth your time to eventually set up your own blog or website. WordPress is very popular and professional looking, and it’s quite good in terms of SEO (search engine optimization) as well.

    Just some general pros and cons of Clickbank affiliate marketing:

    One big pro, especially if you are a newcomer to affiliate marketing, is that Clickbank is extremely easy. The second big pro is that the commissions are on the high end when compared to other affiliate networks.

    One con is that many of the products offered on Clickbank are not of the best quality, although they can be expensive. There are really a great deal of rags-to-riches types of products and e-books. You can also find many good products but you do need to do a bit of digging, depending on the niche you are working in.

    Another con is that the Clickbank stats are really nothing special, especially if you compare them to sites such as Adsense and Amazon, just to name a few. Also, you can only create text links automatically with Clickbank. Other types of links are not available.

    Clickbank affiliate marketing is a good place to get started in affiliate marketing and many experienced marketers have made MILLIONS using Clickbank!

    For one of the most AFFORDABLE products on how to start making money as an affiliate marketer then you should check out Chris Freville’s Internet Marketing Empire!


    If you need to earn money FAST like TODAY or TOMORROW then you should check out Casey Case Fast Cash Demystified it is the Encyclopedia of MAKING CASH FAST!

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  • The Fundamentals Of Affiliate Marketing

    Posted on August 2nd, 2011 Tim 101 comments

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    Make Money Online

    Affiliate marketing is one of the best ways to make money online.  It is easy to start as an affiliate marketer and is perhaps is one of the quickest ways to actually make money.  It doesn’t require any special skills, equipment or for you to spend any money.

    The fundamental basis of affiliate marketing is you are promoting other people’s products for a commission.  Effectively you become a commission only sales person.  When you make a sale you get paid a commission.  If you don’t make a sale, you don’t get paid.

    While this sounds like a risky business, and it certainly would if you were taking a job as a commission only sales person offline, it isn’t in the online world.  With pretty much no cash at risk, it is easy to give it a go and bring in some money.

    The first step in affiliate marketing is to find something to promote.  This could be a CPA offer, an Amazon product, a Clickbank product or something similar.  It doesn’t matter what it is so long as you get paid a commission when someone buys it.

    You then need to get your affiliate link from the site and start to promote it.  The promotion is the key to winning as an affiliate marketer and it may take you some time to really figure it out, but once you have got it you are on to a winner.

    The favorite strategy of affiliate marketers is article marketing.  This is a great way to get traffic and makes sales.  Very simply, you write high quality articles and submit them to article directories with your affiliate link in the resource box.  There are many different article directories you could use.  Some are better than others and you will learn this through trial and error.

    There are many other strategies you could use to make money as an affiliate marketer including building your own web page based around the product and promoting that.  This could be your own website on your own domain (which will cost you a little bit of money) or you can use a free site on somewhere like Blogger or WordPress.

    Some of the more advanced affiliate marketing techniques include building a list or Facebook fan pages for the products you are promoting.  This will help you make more money because you are interacting with people you can sell to again and again, not just the once you are with a website.

    Affiliate marketing isn’t as hard as people make out so long as you don’t over complicate it.  Following a simple plan you may well be surprised just how quickly you can start to make money when you become an affiliate marketer.

    If you are needing cash fast then I urge you to check out Ewen Chia’s product called Instant Paycheck, it will show you not only how to make money in affiliate marketing but how to earn INSTANT COMMISSIONS straight to your Paypal account!

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  • Dan Brock’s Deadbeat Super Affiliate Discount

    Posted on April 13th, 2011 Tim 30 comments

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    There are several ways for anyone who is wanting to live the 4 hour work week lifestyle to accomplish it, however I have found that affiliate marketing is by far one of the easiest ways to do this.  Because it cost very little money to get started and does not require a lot of time either.  Now don’t get me wrong it does require you to TAKE ACTION but altogether it is very easy to start making money with very little time and effort and once that money starts to come in you can easily outsource the majority of the work and collect the paychecks.


    Dan Brock’s course Deadbeat Super Affiliate is one of the BEST PRODUCTS that I have found that shows you EXACTLY how to start earning money as an affiliate marketer.  I have recommended it to both family and friends who have told me that they would like to learn how to do affiliate marketing.  Well recently he has offered a discount on his Deadbeat Super Affiliate product.  So if you had been wanting to get it but didn’t have the money to get the course then you are going to want to check out his discount as well as the reviews from those who have purchased the Deadbeat Super Affiliate product, CLICK HERE TO CHECK OUT THE DISCOUNT:

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  • I Hate My Job – Can I Work From Home on eBay

    Posted on April 3rd, 2011 Tim 84 comments

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    Make Money With Ebay

    You hear it all of the time. I hate my job! Can I work from home on eBay? If I could maybe I could finally quit! Well, I would not advise quitting your job, but you can work from home on eBay.

    There are a lot of reasons people work from home on eBay. Now more than ever before, a third income or a steady is necessary to keep a household together. Job security in many industries is very low, and everything is getting more expensive by the day. As a means of keeping financially afloat and as a buffer against a layoff, many people are working from home on eBay as well as working a full time job.

    You can work from home on eBay. It is quite simple and it does not require a lot of start up cash. Most people start by decluttering their homes and selling off unwanted items. This is a really good idea. It will allow you to test the waters without buying any inventory. You can get a taste of how to list an item, package it for shipping and collecting your money. After you have sold off everything you no longer want or need, what next. Here is where you have to research. Hopefully you have been thinking about this all along and you have been researching all along. There are many forums on eBay and many tools that you should be aware of. It is possible to spend a week on their website doing nothing but reading the how to’s and performing market research on items that you wish to sell. Take this to heart, do your research. The selling environment on eBay is unlike anything else. You cannot compare it to retail or to flea markets and swap meets. It is an entirely different animal.  The best way to find out how to sell items on eBay is to read every tutorial you can find. They even have a mentor that you can call and talk to once for free. I highly recommend that you do this. Let them know what you want to do and have a mentor tell you how to become successful at it. It’s all for free. As a startup business free is what you can afford.

    The next step would be to select items to sell. Assuming that you have done your research all you need to do now is list items. You can do this through an automated process or you can list items individually. Once an item has sold and the buyer pays you, ship the item immediately. Prompt shipment is the fastest way to great ratings and you need great ratings if you want to work from home on eBay successfully. Gradually, over time, build up your eBay business by adding more items while saving extra cash incase of emergencies.

    Eventually, you may be able to take your working from home on eBay business full time. Seriously this can take up to 5 years. It definitely will not happen over night. The best way to accomplish a goal of working from home on eBay and not having another job is to write up a business plan and stick to it. This will give you an outline of what you need to do to get there. Be sure to put away money after every sale. This will build you a cash reserve. A reserve like this is necessary in case of any unexpected expenses or if you leave your job sooner than planned either because you quit or were laid off.

    All too often you hear I hate my job! Can I work from home on eBay? My heart goes out to anyone who is that stressed in their employment. If this is you, why not take a look at what you can accomplish with a work from home eBay business. The great thing is that you can start one up with little or no monetary investment while you stay employed. With careful planning and item selections, it is possible to earn career level income with eBay. Just ask any PowerSeller, they can tell you for sure.

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  • Can You Make Money On

    Posted on April 1st, 2011 Tim 52 comments

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    You Can Make Money With Craigslist

    People ask the question all of the time “can you make money on”? The answer is you can. All it takes is some time and ad management and you can make money just like anyone else.

    Here are some tips that you may not be aware of. These should help you to make money if your ads were not as effective as you would have liked them to be. Your ad is good for 45 days. Everyday that your ad appears it is listed lower on the page. This is because new ads get top priority. In some categories, a single vendor will post multiple ads. This is fine as long as they are not for the same business, product, or service. If they are, mark them as spam. It is the only way that you will get it to stop. If you sell jewelry, you can post an ad for a bracelet, a necklace, a ring, a pendent, a brooch, a watch, a jewelry box, earrings, and an ankle bracelet all in the same day. They are all different products. You will have close to the top nine spots on the page the day you enter them, especially if you add all of the ads one after the other. Now you wait two days, delete those ads and re-enter them. They are returned back to the top positions. You cannot do this any more frequent than every 48 hours. If you do, you will run into problems, so no sooner than ever two days.

    Add a picture or multiple pictures to your ad. Pictures tell a thousand words and this is true. You will get more interest if your ad has a picture of the product. Use an actual photograph of your product, not some stock photo off of the internet. This will build trust in the potential buyer and it will generate more interest.

    Respond to all inquiries promptly. Even if you think that the person is not really interested, you never know for sure. Follow up with everyone who responds to your ad. The one person you decide not to get back to is the one who will actual want to buy your item.

    Write a clear and concise advertisement. Your headline should have the keyword for what you are selling. The body of the ad should be very descriptive and easy to read. If you use html to enhance your ad, do not go crazy with font colors and weird background colors. Red on blue is horribly difficult to read, people who are color blind cannot see that color combination so the text and the background will merge together. Orange and purple or yellow and purple are not good either. There is nothing wrong with a plain white background. Add a border if you want to make it fancy. Text can be changed from black however keep these things in mind. Bright colors like shocking blues and greens are hard on the eyes. Yellow can be difficult to see on a white background. Red makes you appear untrustworthy. Dark green and dark blue are good choices, but stick to forest green or navy blue. Dark brown is also a good choice.

    Finally you want to promote your ad. Have a link to your ad in all of your email signatures. Tell everyone about your ad. The best ad in the world cannot sell a product if nobody sees it.

    Yes you can make money on It takes a talent for good ad writing, good photography, and some planning. Making sure that your ads are managed well and that they are posted, deleted and reposted every two days is critical. Having a good looking ad is also extremely important. If your ad is difficult to read or understand then nobody is going to buy from you. Make sure that your photograph portrays your item in the best possible way. Combining all of these items into a single ad campaign is important to getting your item sold.

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